Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Steps to Christ tour begins

Pulling out of Fountainview at 4:00 A.M left us tired and ready to sleep the full 16 hour drive to Fortuna, California. Tour has started and we are eager to see how God will work during this mission trip.  During one of the pit stops, some students started with their part in this mission trip. Simply, showing a Christlike character.

On Sunday afternoon we stopped at a small gas station, somewhere in Oregon. There were a bunch of us girls in the washroom, when an elegant lady came in a rush and all flustered. She saw all of us girls standing in line, rolled her eyes and left the washroom. She said that she was going to go the guys washroom instead. A minute or two later, she came back in looking very impatient, because it was only for guys…  We all quickly insisted that she go ahead of all of us. She thanked us profusely, finished up and started washing her hands. Then she started to talk to us and asked if we were the ones with the academy bus outside. We said we were and then we all struck up a conversation with her. We told her what we were doing and she was very excited. She asked us if she could have the DVD. Since it isn’t going to be coming out for a while, we gave her the Christmas DVD as a gift. She was so excited! She gave us her address and asked us if we would get this new DVD to her as soon as possible.  It was so astounding how her demeanor changed from being annoyed and irritated, to being overjoyed and ecstatic. It’s amazing how our little act of kindness opened a door for us to share Christ with her, as well as a wonderful start to our mission trip. It’s such a blessing to let God work though us and to see how He can really change lives.                  ~ Jessica H. and Becky B.


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