Friday, April 24, 2009


Today, simply put, was a blast. We woke up early and devided into four different groups to go and discover Moab. The groups options were rafting, biking, river boating, or jeeping. On sunday we are going to do them again, so there is an opportunity to try something that was not accomplished today. We all had a blast, but some of us felt that most of the activities were at the beginner level.  In the afternoon a few of us who got back early went to the Sand Hill near Arches National Park.  We hiked to the top (some only once because it was rather steep) and jump all the way down. I remember going there as a kid and could play there all day. It was so refreshing to get some exercise after sitting in a bus for a few too many hours. 
After we all got back and washed off all of the red dirt and sand we gathered for worship down near the pond. It was such a nice way to welcome in the sabbath. As normal, we all joined hands in a circle and sang I want to go to Heaven .


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