Monday, April 20, 2009

Live Concert

After spending most of our time filming and recording music, we were not used to performing a live concert. On sabbath we performed at 3 churches and gained a blessing from each. The Holy Spirit was truly at the last concert. The man sitting beside me leaned over and told me " this is the only group that has ever been able to make me cry". Later, through his tears he explained "one of the reasons I became Seventh Day Adventist is because of the book Steps to Christ." This just reaffirmed me that the book we are using for our project is truly a life changing one. Another gentlemen explained to one of the students " there is power in your music, I do not say that to make you proud, because there truly is real power in it." There is power to change lives in the simple message of Christ. We are simply praising God that we get to take part in His work, and see Him touch people. 


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