Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to Moonstone Beach

You know them by how they start their questions. " So tell me, what is Fountainivew Academy?" Many onlookers have been very interested in our project. Some have come just to watch us play because of their interest in music, others share their same friendship with Christ, some demand a copy of the project, and one has committed to coming to our concert. It has been such a blessing talking to those who happen to stop and listen. I talked to one lady who knew exactly where I lived and my town is a tiny town of about 200 on the other side of the country. This lady and her friend wanted to know all about, not just the project, but the school. They were really interested in Fountainview and what we do. We talked for about 10 minutes. These two ladies had heard the music playing as they were driving past and they came to ask questions. This is just one opportunity of many that we've had to share with people about this Steps to Christ project, and hopefully in the end will be a bright spot in their life that will lead them closer to Christ.  

We have completed 9 songs and 4 introductions out of 39. 


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