Saturday, April 25, 2009

Corona Arch

This sabbath the small bus went to church in Moab and the big bus drove to Corona and Bow Tie Archs. The group that went to Moab church volunteered to do special music. that is a habit that fountainview has where ever we go. Well, special music grew into taking over the whole sermon time. The paster was so blessed with the music that he wanted the students to do the whole service. The seniors shared the experiences they had on their mission trip to Honduras and the other students just told the congregation their testimony. 
The group in the big bus hiked up to Bow Tie Arch, sad under it, sang, and listened to a sermon by Scott. It was so amazing to have church under such beauty. Later we ate a great lunch packed by Day Star and headed back to home base. In the afternoon students either went hiking, horse back riding, or simply read on the grass. After the sun went down we finished the day with a game of capture the flag in the dark. 
It was a beautiful sabbath, but for all of us that went hiking, we are ready for bed.  


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